Suzanne McEneely’s Committee

Suzanne McEneely’s 

Marc R. Kadish - Mayer Brown

Suzin Farber Kadish - Cook County Public Defender

Patrick McEneely - @properties

Leo F. Alt - Law Offices of Leo F. Alt

Stephen Fiorentino - Fiorentino Law Offices

Michael Howley - Vice President Insite, Inc. Mayor of Hickory Hills, IL

Blanca Cabrales - Division Development Manager, Midwest Starbucks Coffee Co.

Michael Craddock - Supervising Trial Attorney at Marny Christin

Dorothy Coyle - Independent Communications Consultant

Kimberly Mines - Cook County Public Defender

Brian Scanlon - Cook County Public Defender

Erin Kinahan - Senior Associate General Counsel Northwestern Memorial Healthcare

Lindsay Greenwood, ESQ.

Kathryn Reeves - Partner at Immigration Attorneys, LLP

Tim Zelasko - Chief Operations Officer Redwood Logistics

Tom Craddock - Vice President, Finance for Pritzker Realty Group